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Most of us know the joy of having a pet and the fulfillment a pet can bring to one's life. However, pets, such as dogs are animals, and because of that their behavior is unpredictable. Some dogs, such as pit bull terriers, are known for their vicious dispositions. Other dogs can unexpectedly attack for no apparent reason. The most common type of animal bite is a dog bite.

Animal attacks are frightening and often result in serious disfigurement, including scarring. Dog bites can transmit serious diseases - including rabies, and can cause tissue and muscle damage. Some victims require reconstructive surgery. Emotional scars remain long after the attack. Many people find that they develop a fear of being near dogs.

Unfortunately, most dog attack victims are children. However, anyone can be a victim. Dog bites are responsible for a large percentage of emergency room visits every year. Many times it is the victim's family, friend or neighbor who owns the dog. This often makes the situation even more emotional because people are reluctant to sue a relative, friend or neighbor. But, in almost every dog bite case it is the owner's homeowner's insurance that pays the settlement. We know where and how to find the insurance coverage that will pay the dog bite victim. Dog bites account for about one third of all homeowner's insurance claims. Our work is contingency-based, so we collect no fee unless we recover damages for the victim. A personal injury lawyer with experience in dog bite claims can help you to learn and understand what your rights are.

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