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Riding a motor cycle is probably one of life's more enjoyable experiences. There's little that can compare to the feel of the wind rushing by you as you cruise along. In spring, summer and fall, you are able to be outdoors and really enjoy the sites with a 360 degree view. Also, with rising gasoline prices, riding a motor cycle, scooter, or moped is the most economical method of motorized travel.

But, there are inherent dangers in riding a motorcycle. A rider is not protected from collision, the way you are in a car. If a crash does occur a rider is almost certain to sustain an injury. If you choose to ride without a helmet, your risk of serious injury or death increases substantially.

One of the biggest risks motorcycle riders face is from car operators that misjudge the speed of a motorcycle and run into it. This often happens at intersections where the motorcyclist is going straight (and therefore has the right of way) and the car is turning left, and turns into the path of the oncoming motorcycle.

Motorcycles carry a different type of insurance than car insurance. This is an important fact because if you are injured while on a motorcycle, the insurance on the motorcycle comes into play.

Motorcycle passengers should consider hiring their own attorney, and not use the same attorney as the motorcycle operator. This will avoid conflicts of interest and fully protect your rights, including any claim you may have against the motorcycle operator.

If you are a motor cycle rider you should follow these safety tips: Always wear a helmet. Test your brake lights, signal lights, and horn before each trip, and ride with your head lamp on - even in daylight.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss important concerns such as: how your medical bills will be paid, how will you be compensated for time missed from work, how much your case may be worth, will you have to file a law suit in court, and how long will it take for your case to resolve.

Attorney Elton R. Williams and the Williams Law Firm have more than 25 years of experience handling motorcycle accident and injury cases. We are available to fully advise you of your rights, and if you wish, to meet with you in person to explain how we can help. We have offices in Meriden, New Haven, Hartford, Connecticut, and Springfield, Massachusetts. If necessary, we can arrange a visit to the hospital or your home. Please call us at 1-800-385-5565 or contact us online.

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