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Assault and Battery can happen to anyone at just about anyplace. However, our experience in handling assault cases has shown that most assaults occur in bars (i.e. establishments that serve alcoholic beverages) and at large parties. Alcohol is usually a factor. Gender is not usually a factor. That is to say that we have represented an equal number of women and men victims. However, normally where the man is the attacker it is usually a male victim. Likewise, where there is a female attacker it is usually a female victim.

When a person is injured in a bar attack or bar fight, we usually pursue a case against the bar owners and their insurance company. This type of civil case is called a Dram Shop Action. If the attacker can be identified we also will pursue a claim against that person.

Some people are assaulted on public property, such as a department store, at a music concert, in a parking lot, or other place. In those instances we have pursued claims against the owners of the property for what is commonly called negligent security, or failure to provide proper security.

The health and welfare of our client is always our primary concern. We will coordinate your medical care and make sure you are seen by the proper doctors and therapists. This sometimes includes a consultation with a plastic surgeon for scar evaluation. We also contract with professional photographers who take photos of your injuries and any scars. The Williams Law Firm uses independent investigators to track down witnesses, secure their statements, and identify responsible parties.

In an attack case “time is of the essence”. Valuable information is lost, and witnesses cannot be located as time passes. It is crucially important to contact an experienced attorney right away if you are the victim of an assault. You will want an attorney who has experience with securing attachments and liens on real estate, and filing the required statutory notices. The Williams Law Firm and Attorney Elton R. Williams have handled numerous assault cases to a successful conclusion. We are able to assemble a team that will serve the best interests of your case. We can be reached easily by phone. We have offices in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our offices are open Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You may call us after hours or on weekends and a 24hour live operator will contact the attorney and see that your phone call is promptly returned, and your questions are answered

Our toll free number is 1-800-385-5565 or contact us online. We look forward to helping you and giving you legal advice about your rights.

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