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The failure to act timely to protect yourself can become a complete barrier to your right to recover! An injury that occurs on property belonging to a city or state may require you to file a special notice with a government office in order to pursue a claim. Although you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries, you must act in a timely fashion. The laws requiring deadlines to file notice within a certain period of time are very rigid. But, there are sometimes exceptions to these laws and you should consult an attorney concerning your particular claim and the applicable statute of limitations and any available exceptions.

Sometimes people believe that the insurance company insuring the property where they fell will automatically pay their medical bills. Many times this is not the case. Also, many injured victims believe they are entitled to have only their medical bills paid and nothing else. This is often not the whole story. Our laws allow people who are injured on the property of another to seek compensation for many things including: medial expense, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, future loss of earnings, disfigurement, damage to the marital relationship, compensation for permanent injury.

In handling slip and fall cases (which are technically referred to as premises liability claims) many clients have explained to us that the defect on property where they fell, causing the fall, has been repaired and is no longer visible. This often does not present a problem because we are able to prove the defect was there at the time of the fall by other means. Therefore, you should not be discouraged because you do not have pictures or other proof.

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