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Pedestrians Injured by Motor Vehicles
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The chances of a person being struck and injured by a motor vehicle are about 1 in 3 million in a lifetime. However, despite this very low risk, operators of car, trucks, SUV', vans and buses manage to strike pedestrians thousands of times each year.

Some drivers fail to see a pedestrian because of poor night vision, inattentiveness, distraction, or momentary blindness.

Some drivers see the pedestrian before hitting him or her but do not avoid the collision because they misjudged distance, anticipated the pedestrian would move out of the way, or the pedestrian suddenly darted out in front of them and they were unable to react quickly enough to avoid hitting the person.

The pain from being hit by a car is very severe and the injuries are often permanent. Sometimes the injuries are disabling causing the victim to miss time from work or school. While most people recover, many are often times not the same.

The Williams Law Firm and Attorney Elton Williams have handled many pedestrian vs. motor vehicle cases since 1983. We have collected compensation for injured people in numerous cases, including “hit and run” cases. Here is just a sampling of the types of pedestrian cases we have successfully handled:

  • Children on bicycles struck while riding in the street
  • Persons struck and killed by cars, trucks, SUV's or bus
  • People struck while crossing the street
  • Children struck by cars and buses while playing, or on their way to school
  • People hit by cars while on private property such as driveways
  • Adults and children backed into by cars in parking lots
  • Children struck by parent or other relative
  • Persons who sustain injuries by cars that nearly hit them
  • Persons who run into the path of a moving vehicle

At the Williams Law Firm we have over 25 years of experience handling trauma cases. We know and understand how being hit by a car can devastate a person's life. We will work to secure compensation for you or your loved one. Please call us at 1-800-385-5565 or contact us online.

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